So. You were called to write a book.

(Or maybe the book called you.)

And despite the sludge of writer’s block and the agony of rewrites, with the help of some late nights and double-lattes, you got it done—and published!

HOLD FOR APPLAUSE. You really are a badass.

Funny thing, though: while you were diligently rehearsing your pithy interview with Tavis Smiley in the bathroom mirror and/or obsessing about what to wear to your local TV morning show interview, something crazy happened…

Nothing. Absolutely nothing happened.

And when you contacted your publisher to see what they were lining up for you, either: a) you never heard back from them; or b) you were somewhere between “last” and “not even on” their to-do list. (NOTE: Your publisher has brilliant, book-lovin’ PR folk working there; they are simply over-worked!)

Now you’re here, hoping for some kind of guidance through the bewildering, somewhat unnerving, unknown terrain called “PR”.

Welcome. Let’s get started on your empire…

There’s a lot you need to know, but let me start by saying you’ll be charting your course with an 18-year PR veteran whose sole area of focus has been securing hundreds of features on top-rated television and radio shows, magazines, newspapers, and websites for authors and experts PER MONTH.

Now, I’m making myself available for a limited amount of private clients who want to learn how to master their own PR. If you’re willing to do the legwork, then I’m more than willing to:

  • help you avoid the wasted time/consequences/frustrations of beginner’s mistakes
  • flesh out what it is about you and/or your work that will interest the media
  • show you how to explain that to them in a way that gets you results
  • teach you how to build your “list” of media contacts
  • train you to do a great 3-7 minute interview

Now it’s time to find out:

  1. What you ABSOLUTELY need to know before you pitch to the media
  2. More about my track record helping authors connect with media
  3. All the ways we can work together (services)